Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DAY 1!

Other than extreme gastro pain from last night, doing good!  Took advantage of the stabbing pain to get up early and make myself a veggie omlette with a peach and coffee and glass of water.  Plan today is to take it easy with exercise - it's supposed to be actually nice out in London (light rain for only a few hours, but high of 48F), so I am going to take the baby for a nice long walk in his stroller. I cannot wait to get fit enough to pop him in the baby carrier again! He's fine, it just adds so much weight to my already massive chest I get too winded!

Okay, 273 lbs.  Let's see what you got.


  1. Could you please be awesome and make buttons for this and your other blog, so that I can share them on my new "Blogs I Like" page and get you stacks of followers? :)

  2. Ahoy Ahoy! Check on the right hand side under my mug, there should be a subscribe button. Or people can follow by email (also on the right hand side, just scroll down a bit). :)